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Our crappie guides are fit for presidential trips!

Some of you may ask "what is the president going to do now?" We have a pretty good idea what he probably would like to do, so we would like to put an invitation out to George directly.

George, would you like to go crappie fishingi with us?

George and Ray
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Side Imaging Academy Now Launched!

We are happy to announce the creation of the Side Imaging Academy. The purpose of this new section of our website is to educate crappiei fishermen on the use of side imaging products available. If properly used, these side imaging devices will prove invaluable in the search for the best crappie locations available.

We have added a link to our Side Imaging Academy at the very top of our pages for your convenience.Read more

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New Side Imaging Video

We have created 3 new side imaging videos to help demo how to interpret the scans from a Humminbird side finder unit. Please email shannon at crappie101.com or leave a message on the forums telling of your interest in side imaging videos. The creation of the videos are very time consuming and we would like to know if there is a genuine interest in the videos we produce. Read more

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Jan 14th Grenada Crappie

Here are some new Pictures of Crappie caught at Grenada on Jan 14th by John Woods (Crappie101.com guide)and Ray Gray. Check the Grenada Lake Forum for more details.

John Woods Greneda Crappie Jan 14.jpg
Ray Gray Grenada Crappie.jpg
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New Crappie Video Added - Pickwick Lake 01-01-09

We have uploaded the first video of the new year. The video features Charlie Kent on Pickwick Lake. It is the first of many for this new year.

Please follow this link to the New Pickwick Lake video.

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Picture of Tyler and Walker with some Pickwick Crappie

Here is another picture of some nice Pickwick Crappie.

Tyler Walker and Ray with Crappie.JPG
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New Year Crappie on Pickwick

Here are some pics of Crappie101.com Guide Charlie Kent and I with some nice crappiei we caught at Pickwick on New Years Day. Check out the Pickwick forum for more details and pics.

Ray 2 crappie.jpg
Charlie slab crappie.jpg

Thanks for stopping by www.crappie101.com. We are the site dedicated to crappie fishingi. We bring you tips and techniques from crappie country's top pros and the everyday fisherman not to mention the most complete information on crappie lakes from all around the country.

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