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Crappie fishing Columbus lake on the Tenn-Tom Oct 26th

Well, I got back out on Columbus Lake Sun for a few hours. I fished a lot of areas looking for crappiei from The Lock and Dam to Dewayne Hayes. I ended up catching about 15 crappie and my top 7 weighed Approx 8.5 pounds. I hand fished the whole time from 14 to 6 feet deep. Most of the good fish came from about 8 feet deep around cover. There were very few boats on the lake and most of those were not Crappie fishing.

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John Harrison guide trip on Grenada Lake

John Harrison Grenada crappie.JPG

We found John Harrison out on Grenada Lake with some clients on a crappiei trip. Looks like they were having a great time catching some of those world famous Grenada Slabs.

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Danny Dog on Grenada Lake

Danny dog and Jr crank Baits.JPG
Grenada Crappie.JPG

Here are some pics of Danny Dog and his son trolling crank baits on Grenada lake and catching some nice crappiei.

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Charlie Kent at Grenada

Charlie Kent Grenada Crappie.JPG
Net full of Grenada Crappie.JPG
Nice Grenada Crappie.JPG

These Crappie were caught by Charlie Kent last week at Grenada. Asd you can see these are some really nice Grenada Crappie

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Huge schools of Crappie

Fish on Trees.jpg

Here is a sonar picture of the trees where I caught a large number of crappiei. If you look close you can actually see the crappie on the trees. I caught probably 20 crappie off both these trees and as the sonar indicates they were suspended at about 9 to 10 feet deep with the trees being in 16 to 18 feet of water. I think this is the most conclusive evidence that it is possible to search and locate crappie using the side finder. If you are not sure you see the fish in this picture go to the electronics forum and I will have it illustrated.

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Crappie Pics on Columbus Lake

Shannon and Crappie.JPG
Columbus Lake in the Morning.JPG
Crappie Dinner.JPG

I went fishing with Ray and caught a few on Saturday. I actually took some home with me and cleaned them. I enjoyed fishing that day.Read more

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