100 s of dead crappie

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By TRD - Posted on 06 October 2009

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Just left the east bank landing, Everyone needs to ride out there and look at the dead crappiei that litters the bank after the Cabelas crappie tourny that was held last Fri. and Sat.
Hope they never are allowed back.

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Ray,thanks for your response.
I was at the weigh in and saw how the fish were being handled and released. I was concerned then,
I know you will do what you can to make sure this never happens again.
I felt like I had to post this in order for it not to happen anymore.

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I also fished this tournament. I have always been told by tournament officials that you must release the fish. Personally i would have like to kept the fish, I do eat fish afterall. Sorry about the mess ya'l had. I sure do hate to see dead crappiei like that, what a waste.

Nathan Kincade
The Franchise Sports Bar
Bluff City Tackle Pro Staff

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TRD. Man this is a sad sight. This is my home lake and I really hate to see it. CUSA releases every fish in hope of not damaging the fisheries but there is a better plan. I will speak with the president in the next couple of todays and voice your and my concern. I will suggest that any fish that appear to be weak we iced an offered to a charitable organization from now on. I assure you this was never meant to be this way.


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TRD, i don,t know the answer to this. I sure hate to see fish wasted if they could not be keep alive. I never have a problem giving away a mess of fish.

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We were there and fished, we had one weak fish that we gave to a man to clean at the release sight. All the other fish swam away fine looks that we have a bad name now. Myself I would keep them and clean them to eat I love fresh crappiei. I am sorry that happen.

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