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Aliceville 8/10 to 8/14/09

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By rdendy - Posted on 15 August 2009

The fish are moving around a lot. I caught fish in 6-' of water on structure and also in 12' to 16' of water on structure. The fish are holding real tight and you have to get down in there close were they are. I lost about 15 jigs in the process.The bite is not real hard or fast. You just have to put it in front of them and aggrevate the mess out of them to get them to bite. They seemed to prefer a slow drop in instead of jigging. They even seemed to prefer a cetain structure even when there were several close together.

Aliceville Tops

A buddy was fishing 20' from me and cathing a few and I was steady pulling them out. Caught 17 keepers then and he caught 9. He's the one that taught me a lesson last time I went. But the fish are biting you just have to keep looking. I caught all of my fish on the Crappie 101 jig -Slimy- with a red/chartreuse tail. The picture shows the structure we were fishing on. Water temps are averaging around 83° in the morning to 90° in the afternoon. Watch the current in the river. If they have a strong current it's hard to fish in the river itself. If no current then target the structure on drop off's. Biggest fish we caught was 1 lb 10oz and several in the 1 - 1/4 lb range. I attached the pics to show the structure we were fishing but not the location. Sorry but sweet spots are hard to come by.

Aliceville Tops

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Now this is what I call a fishing report. Thanks Ricky. Also send me your shipping address vis private message and we are going to mail you a cap.


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Fished above Cochran landing yesterday. Slow trolled minnows on red hooks and had one heck of a morning. Probably caught 45 total kept 19 good fish with the biggest being 14 inches and most around 12 to 13. Threw back a lot of small fish. Fish i caught were holding 16 feet deep on a ledge that drops off to 22 feet real quick. Were very very tight to drop. Left and was home by 1 pm.

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Ms slab,
Where about's is Cochran landing in reference to Nashville Ferry. We have different names for some areas and was wondering.

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rdendy, i,ll answer for ms slab, Cockran landing is north of Aliveville, al. on the west side. Ms slab can go upsteam & fish same water as i when i put in @ Ringo blug or go downstream toward vienna landing. also i really enjoyed your pictures of the nashville ferry. good fishing.

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Thanks for the info Danny. I may have to venture off down that way some times and try it out. When I get off Me & the wife are going to join West Al crappiei club and start fishing together. We've decided to go ahead and get our Al license for a year so we'll be able to go down that way and help you fellows control the fish population.

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Hi Dendy. As Danny said its below the damn. I do most of my fishing further on down around longs landing (China Bluff). But this time of year I do some fishing up from Cochran. If you have never fished out of Longs Landing, when you get Ala licence you need to go down and try it. Lots of old lakes and runs off of the main river which makes for some good winter and early spring fishing when the river is high and swift and muddy.

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