Awesome day on Pickwick 7-26-10

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By DonDon - Posted on 28 July 2010

This was the first time the wife and I had been up there and MAN O MAN is it a beautiful lake. We stayed at the Motel at JP Coleman and I will be back, Very nice place to stay with a veiew overlooking the lake. We decided to wait til Monday to fish due to all the boat traffic and it was worth the wait. Found the fish early (before 8) in 18-20 FOW and close to the bottom. Once the sun came up good, we found a couple spots for a trolling run with the 997 SI in 22 to 25 FOW. Lots of 10-13 inch fish with 70-90 foot of line out, pulling cranks. When I saw it was decent fish but not sho nuff Slabs, I let the line out on one pole to 130 foot using Bandit 300's and that's when I found the big fish. In 4 1/2 hours the wife and I caught 35 Crappie over 10 inches with 5 over 15. We also caught many White and yellow bass, a couple of small Largemouth bass and a few cats. Even had one blue cat pushing 8 pounds. Talk about fun on a 16 foot B & M trolling pole with a Zebco 33 on it!!! Hot colors were Rootbeer, Mad cow and a Pink Wiggle Wart. Really caught them on most any natural color though. Thanks Ray for all your help!!!!!

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Don Don, Were you fishing at Yellow Creek or State Line Marina.. Thanks, Corinth Fraz

Keith Frazier

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Now this report has it all. Pretty girl, nice crappiei, one off species and details in the report. This is going to be tough to beat this week. Hey Don Don thanks for the report.


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LOL, I tolt ya Ray. Thanks for the help for sure. MY wifes statement about 11 that morning told it all. I'M TIRED OF CATCHING FISH. We had 3 on at a time more than once and 2 on even more than that

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