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Back on Grenada Lake this morning with John Harrison

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By Ray - Posted on 11 October 2011

John has Bob Brenton back today on a guided crappie fishingi trip on Grenada today. Bob Started the morning with this Grenada Slab.

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@ Big Boy---Where the fish are biting...duh! Just kidding. You can catch crappiei pretty much anywhere on Grenada, depending on the mood the fish are in. I've always preferred the backwater areas around Gums Crossing, Greysport, and Youngs landings. Seem to catch more fish over there. Certain times of year Bryant is a good place to start, though most of them are tough when the water is low. John fishes with my grandfather, so I know they have some secret "honey holes" they like to fish in. A lot of them, I've never even seen after over 20 years fishing the lake. Some of them, I could watch them pull out 2-3 limits of fish in a few hours and catch nothing sitting right beside them fishing the same way with the same bait. I think there is some sort of electrical signal that passes down these men's hands through the pole that just attracts fish...maybe I'm nuts.

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where do you fish on grenada?

Alex upton

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