Bay Springs

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By 44mag - Posted on 03 July 2011

Me and my newphew fished Bay Springs Lake 6-30-11, we didn't get to go until 3:00 pm. We caught about 60 crappiei but only kept 42.

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Yes I have fished Bay Springs for crappiei since I was a kid. Learned to troll crankbaits when I was an older teenager. We used Mann's 15+ crankbaits at Bay Springs and caught alot of big white crappie. From my experience crank bait trolling targeted those big white crappie that suspended over deep water. We learned to drop shot minnows over deep brush about ten+ years ago and caught a ton of crappie that way. Finally picked up vertical fishing jigs around five or six years ago and have never looked back. I fished Bay Springs Monday afternoon and man it was hot. The good size fish were coming out of 25 to 30 feet of water on main lake points over brush piles. I tried some brush up in the 18 to 20 foot flats but only caught small fish. Uncommon for me but I was catch and release fishing Sunday. I really don't need anymore fish in the freezer right now. January and February are the only two months that baffle me at Bay Springs, just can't figure out how to catch any numbers that time of year. I guess my favorite time at Bay Springs is October, November, and December. The fish really stack up in the fall and early winter in big schools. I love the challenge of December fishing. Nothing like pulling crappie out of 32 to 40 feet of water in December at Bay springs.

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I also have fished Bay Springs Lake every since it was built. I have crappiei fished for about 30 years. We use to only use minnows but like you we have started jig fishing the past few years, but every now and then I still carry minnows. Sometimes I put one rod out with a minnow on it while I jig fish with another. I have better luck crappie fishingi from June thru November.

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Looks like you caught alot of white crappiei in that cooler. My personal technique appeals more to black crappie than white crappie. We used to troll deep diving crankbaits at Bay Springs and catch big white crappie. We changed to vertical jig fishing and catch more black crappie at Bay Springs. Personally I think black crappie have pretty much took Bay Springs over. In the fall and winter they are mostly what we catch. Bay Springs has changed alot since I was a teenager fishing that lake. Spotted Bass have become the dominate bass species and black crappie have become the dominate crappie species.

Helping control the crappiei population one trip at a time.

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Seems like the crappiei bite has been a little slower this year, I quess we where just lucky to catch what we did. Do you fish Bay Springs Lake a lot?

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