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Bay Springs crappie report 3/17 & 3/18

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By philmacMS - Posted on 19 March 2012

Fished bay springs with the wife and kids this weekend. Caught 23 keepers Saturday with 3 kids in the boat. 2 of mine and 1 of a friends. Fished Sunday morning alone and got a limit of keepers. Fish are running small this year at bay springs. We put back a ton of small fish but did end up with some nice ones. I've been playing with spider trolling and that's how we caught all the fish. Fish are scattered in shallow water in the backs of coves. Fish were very depth specific. Woody cover improved catch but we caught just as many fish at the right depth on a smooth bottom.

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I've been over there the last three afternoons and have caught very few fishing shallow casting grubs. I think the water falling has moved them back out. The next time I go I'll try brush piles around 15 ft. water. I know you fish over there a lot. Any advice would be helpful. I'm new to crappie fishingi.

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Some friends of ours tried casting jigs to shallow water with limited success too. I've had better luck spider trolling really slow. Fish don't seem interested in chasing a jig.

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what depth were most of the fish holding?

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Fish were shallow that weekend around 8 feet. Got a report today that alot of fish are back out in deeper water on wood cover. I would guess 17 to 19 but didn't get a report on the depth.

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