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By Beau Butler - Posted on 09 June 2010

Ok, if I'm reading all of this correctly, I'll start it off. Beau Butler here from Southeast Oklahoma, Hugo Lake is my home lake. My wife Kim and I are crazy crappiei fishmen who fish a lot. I do a lot of slow trolling via Driftmaster/Gunslinger setups, using jigs most of the time and minnows some of the time, whatever it takes. Right now we are doing pole jigging almost exclusively, mainly becasue where the fish are, it's the best technique. We fish out of an Express Boat with a 4 stroke/50hp Yamaha. As to Crappie101, the very best crappie fishingi info site there is, bar none. The site is loaded with good old fishing advice and techniques and any technical expertise you can imagine. Just ask a question and somebody will answer it for you. I have gleaned a ton from the site and have made a lot of new friends, some I've been able to meet and some I have yet to meet. Maybe someday we can all fish together in that great crappie lake in the sky, who knows. But I do know this for sure, if you don't get something from this site, it's cause you don't want to. Beau Butler, Forest Biologist, Soper, Oklahoma

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Thanks Beau. You are all too nice. I have a War Eagle Predator and you know Express was my second choice of boats took a while to make up my mind. I do know the Express boats are much faster but the dealer I liked the best was War Eagle. Anyway when I was in the Army I fished some lakes in Oklahoma. Tom Steed I think was my favorite. There was some really good crappie fishingi in Oklahoma. I would not mind going out there again and fishing so do not be surprised if I tell you I am headed your way. Thanks for all you have done for the site. I am confident we will get some more of the members to talk a little more soon.


Thanks for stopping by We are the site dedicated to crappie fishingi. We bring you tips and techniques from crappie country's top pros and the everyday fisherman not to mention the most complete information on crappie lakes from all around the country.

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