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Buckeye & Hoosier Group with John Woods Guide Service

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By Woods - Posted on 06 November 2010

Here is the crew fishing for 3 days with John Wood's guide service at Sardis Lake.
Jon Coomer
Jeff Ahrns
Mike Stark
Eddie Stark
Kyle Stark
Jeff Ward
John Martin

The conditions have been unbelievably tough with winds at 25 mph the fishing areas have been limited. The guys have been troopers and really hung in there. We have manged to catch some rally nice crappiei but the numbers have been low.

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Despite the rough weather look like you guys still had a blast and caught some nice fish!

T. Todd

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It was awesome! John Woods, Carl Painter, Anthony and Charlie Kent are a great group of guides who we have now used twice. We are already planning our April 2011 trip and will probably have to add a 5th boat this time. My partner, Jeff Ahrns, and I managed to catch 35 of 'em on the last day and won our contest. (A whole $15 each but much more in pride and glory!)

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John it has been a rough week for fishing and most guys would have threw in the towell but i see John Woods Guide Service is hard to beat strong work guys.


Kingfish_1968's picture

You've got that right! The conditions sucked on Thursday and Friday but we kept fishing and still had a great time. Woods' group is probably the best and most fun guides we have ever used!

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Kingfish_1968 Thanks for the kind words. We as guides have a hard job dealing with the weather. The wind blew hard for 5 or 6 days in a row. Most of the time we have 1 or 2 days strong wind. And sometimes the crappiei just don't want to bite. You guy's are great to fish with always laughing and jokeing. That's what its about having fun. As I tell everbody if you go fishing and catch fish that is a bonus. Look foward to seeing all you guy's next spring. Tell all your guy's we had a great time and thanks for the tip. Woods Guide Service Also what about the video?

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