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Capps and Coleman rig for crappie

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By Ray - Posted on 06 October 2010

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dw My method would be mark several places in an area where the crappiei were suspending. I would us the Capps and Coleman rigs to troll over that area targeting the way points you marked. Vary your speed .3 to .6 MPH and Set your poles at different depths unitl you get a pattern.
Does that help?


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it does help. thanks ray. i'll use the same amount of weight, but vary the depth, speed and lure/bait. i'm used to catching them off of blowdowns so now its time to learn how to catch the suspended fish. i still owe you some pictures for the cap and i'm curious how your ice fishing trip went?

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finally got my new predator on the water. marked a lot of suspended crappiei; 25'-30', some at 18'. i'm trying to come up with a way to catch those. i'm thinking c&c rigs. or can you suggest a better method?

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Yes. Very slow moving.


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are the c&c rigs meant to be fished as vertical as possible?

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