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By - Posted on 24 June 2017

Cleaning Crappie is anything but clean. Like all fish, Crappie produce slime as a lubricant to reduce drag as they shoot through the water to catch their prey, and it is anti bacterial so its good for the fish. But for us who are cleaning them to eat it is a very messy substance that slows down the process of cleaning the tastiest fish on the planet. I used to have to stop after one or two fish and pick up my water hose and wash off the cleaning surface, my knife and my hands. I never thought much about it but one day I got the idea to spray water across my board constantly and after a few different approaches I came up with the Wash Away Filleti Tool Fish & Game Cutting board. It works so well that I wont clean fish with out it. If you want to see it in action go to the Fish N Tools You Tube Channel or to Check it out for yourself. It is truly the clean way to clean fish.

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