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Clear water lake crappie

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By ClayW - Posted on 17 August 2010

I fish Lake Lamar Bruce. It's a clear water lake primarily and the crappiei are hard to catch as a general rule. I've found that downsizing jigs, liteline and ultralite rig helps. Any other suggestions out there?


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Hey Clay. Thanks for joining and supporting the site. I grew up fishing Lake Lamar Bruce not so much for crappiei but I do understand the challenge fishing there. I would a suggest looking at the basics. Sight, Sound and smell. In clear water sound will be the least important but will increase the importance of sight and smell. Down sizing is good even to a 1/96 ounce jig and add a slit shot to get the jig down. Natural colors like a white will likely perform best. Now with really clear water I would recommend adding a crappie nibble to appeal to the crappie's sense of smell.


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I'm on the right track...I tie my own little jigs on a 1/124th oz jig and do use a small split shot to slow the fall. Your right about the color, white seems to be the big producer. I have had success with and without the crappiei niblets (white ones only). I like to vertical jig but also do some cast and retrieve now and again. The crappie seem to prefer different presentations at different times. I see people use cork and minnows all the time and catch them...but when I try it absolutely no luck...just a bunch of dead minnows. The crappie in this lake seem to be really fickle. They either bite or not like no other water I've fished before. Tried and proven colors and techniques just don't work here that's why I had to change. Caught the biggest bluegill ever the other week...alsmot 11 inches long. He's still swimmin to! Like to chat more with you and learn more about the site.



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