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Color Fishfinder

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By 44mag - Posted on 28 September 2010

Anyone used the new color fishfinders and do you like them better than the black and white screen?

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DTG is absolutely correct about the advantage of color units over black and white. Another thing you will see in most color units is a higher resolution. The higher resolution screen will help you with determining detail. I really like the fact I can tell a hard bottom from a soft bottom with the color units. When the crappiei favor hard bottoms being able to find those are a big plus. Another thing is distinguishing bait from cover. With the color units it is much easier than with color units. Lastly the premium price difference between the color and monochrome units has closed significantly so the color units are more for the money. Hope this helps and thanks for your support of the site.


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How will a hard botom show up and how will a soft bottom show up?

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Hard bottoms will show as a red line on the bottom. The thicker the red line the harder the bottom. Soft bottoms will so as a blue or green line on the bottom. Really soft bottoms will be yellow and green.


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There is a diffrence in daylight and dark between the two. Color displays are much easier to see when the sun is glaring on it.

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Hey DTG,

Your right, bought a Hummingbird 190c to use on trolling motor. Tried it Sat. and man do I like it, now all I got to do is talk my wife into one for the back of boat.

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