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Columbus Crappie report Don Hudson and Joe Wilson

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By Joe - Posted on 06 May 2010

We fished Columbus lake yesterday. We had a great day catching 59 crappiei and some of them were nice crappie. I will post a picture a little later soon as I figure out how to get it transferred.
I really wish Steve Perritt would have been with Don and I cause I am sure we would have caught at least 30 if he had been with us.

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I just know you are trying to say that 30 MORE crappiei would of been caught.

So you two have been using (since I wasn't there to show your where how and when to fish) I am assuming that new bait called TNT or where y'all following around someone that reeeaaallllyyy does know how to fish?


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Parrotwalker I called them to get clarification on the "at least 30 comment" and they said The crappiei were biting so good that your presence would have only cost them half what they caught.


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