Columbus Lake crappie report

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By Ray - Posted on 06 February 2010


Well Tyler and I got out just about 2 hours today on Columbus Lake. We caught 6 keepers slow trolling minnows on the new 14' B&M Pro Staff Trolling poles. Enjoyed the new boat but got tons to learn about how to handle it.

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Ray, looks like we will have plenty of young men to take our place on the lake one day. Take good care of the new boat and Tyler will probably want it for his own one day. Woods

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Thats a great Picture!


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i assume tyler caught the fish while you were playing with all the new gadits, also he must be a tough boy to stay out in this nasty weather. you'll have to give classes when you learn it all! good fishing danny.

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You got it about right Danny. Tyler was very tickled to have his own trolling rack with poles and he did very well. Now if I can just get him to run the trolling motor so I can relax and watch the SI unit. He is one tough little fellow and been fishing with me since he was 2.
We need to set up a day soon and get out on th water and I will so you the little I know about this SI stuff.
Today me and tyler rode a while seen some crappiei on SI turned around and caught them. Textbook I tell you.


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How well did it come out of the hole. Happy camper holdin those fish. I got one coming up, got a couple of year though.

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Big Papa I was impressed with how fast this boat came out of the hole and the smooth ride. So far I am very happy with the purchase.


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