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Crappie and Weather Hot

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By Beau Butler - Posted on 06 June 2010

Had a great weekend on the lake. Did miss seeing my good friends Jason and Mich on the lake. I know he was baling hay and I really felt bad that Kim and I had to fight off the carp fisherman all by ourselves. Caught 106 really nice keepers pole jigging in 13' of water. Wind was a little rough on Saturday with a Carp boat going by every 2 seconds.( They were having a Carp tournament) Sunday the lake calmed down and got really hot.

Ray's picture

Man Beau you guys are on a roll. Those are some good looking crappiei.


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Ray, Check out that good looking Crappie101 cap. Most of the fish were caught on 101 jigs, just don't remember which ones.

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I noticed that fine looking cap. Crappie can not resist that hat. I am glad you liked the jig heads. We are about to launch a deal where more people can get a cap thanks to you...


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Had a nice gentleman from Texas comment about the hat, and then wanted to know how we were catching such good fish. Told him I learned everything at and the hat and jigs were an absolute requirement to catch crappiei. Told him to sign up and tell em' Beau sent

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That is what I am talking about!!!! Good job those are some hefty hogs. All I could think about while baling hay were those biting fish. By the way I like the pictures. I hope to be there this weekend. Come on Beau tell the truth who won you are Kim. You should have won because when you drive the boat you can hog the trees. I think you call that frontending.
Jason T

Beau Butler's picture

"Frontending", I like that! She tried to put the whoop on me, she really did. Friday the fish were all over a flat by the channel, Sat they just vanished. There were a ton of fisherman on the lake Sat, and most were determined to fish in my boat. Thinking about putting "Crappie Sheriff" on the side of my boat to scare away the company. But we had a great time, found them Sat evening over on A Run.

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