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crappie caught on broken bow lake

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By 262jp - Posted on 18 April 2010

these were caught fri. april 16 on BB lake slow trolling. half of the large fish still had eggs.

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Nice fish. Say you were slow trolling? How deep? Crappie pulled a vanishing act on Hugo Lake for a da or two.
Good job, us Okies know a thing or two about crappiei.

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went back today and caught about 30-40 fish slow trolling but they were not as big. 30 ft deep of slightly stained water fishing with a pink road runner head and a dark gray curly tail grub. no pics did not keep any fish.

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262JP, I would explane but i get my daughter to put my pictures online. When Ray or Shannon are on line i'm sure they will get with you with info, good fishing danny.

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need someone to explain how to post pics to an OLD okie.

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262jp, sorry you are having problems posting pictures. I will be more than happy to help. Please visit the link below for further instructions.

If you need more help, just contact me via email - shannon at

Shannon Admin

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shannon... thanks for the help posting the pics. so easy even an okie can do it.

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Hey 262jp. Welcome to the site and keep those reports coming. We really appreciate your support of the site.


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