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Crappie Condos

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By Allday - Posted on 04 February 2009

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We just got through making 40 like these. We made 20 just like these also made 20 with bamboo and oak boards. Can't wait to get them out.

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We got some pallets and going to try and make a stake bed with them. I will post some pics when finished.

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Great we all look forward to seeing the stake beds. One thing on pallets. Make sure you carry plenty of weight. As much as 3 large concrete blocks per pallet if you add lots of stakes.


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Great looking beds.

Chris "Katfish" Johnson
Professional Fishing & Duck Hunting Guide
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All day those look great. So how many do you put out in each spot? Do they stand up ok or do they tip over?


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We put all of these in one spot. We are new to this and these are the first of this type put out. I feel like they stood up because we put them in about 8 foot of water.

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Them looks great!Bet you will catch a lot of fish around them.


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