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crappie fishin in washington state

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By wadoc - Posted on 21 December 2009

Here in western wa the big bite is salmon and steele head how ever iv'e got a crappiei bug thats burrowed deep in my soul. On the western slopes the many lakes are trout and more trout but if you are willing you can find paper mouths and eat right.Now im not to fond of standin in boat when its 34 degrees and rainin trying to find where thier holding but thats the only way to get er done. im going to share my frustrations with you pros and listen for the tips ya'll will share. doc

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Welcome to Doc. I am looking forward to hearing about those Washington state crappie. Watch out though.. Ole John Woods has been known to travel great distances just on a hunch that there are some crappie biting.


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Yea well john you just bring your tubes and jigs and we'll freeze and get rusty together.... fishing lakes here is easy to get to and launches are maintained but the bite is slowwwwwwwww.{only one of a hundred lakes have crappiei] except for eastern wa but thats a logistics nightmare. Im equiped with hummingbirds 797c2 and a hewes craft 160 all aluminum and it helps but im admitting im pretty new to the crappie, but im making it my business to be good at getin em.

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