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Crappie Fishing at Night

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By Shannon - Posted on 04 September 2008

Does anyone crappiei fish at night? If so, is it much different than day fishing? I know sunlight can make a difference in the location of the crappie and their preferences of baits.


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We use green lights a good bit. They seem to work well, also carry a net like they use at the bait shop. Catch some of the native bait, tip on a jig and hang on.

Make It Count!!! <><

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No Pro but here is a great deal of info.
Night Fishing For Crappie - With Surface And Underwater Fishing Lights
Fishing for crappiei can be a very rewarding fishing trip and underwater lighting for fishing is not a new concept. The technology has been around for a few years. Anybody who goes night fishing for crappie on a regular basis understands the importance of these lights and uses them on a regular basis. Underwater fishing lights plain and simple attract bait fish, and we all know that bait fish attract the crappie. Using underwater fishing lights can optimally up your chances for a successful night fishing for crappie trip.

You will catch more crappie at when it's really hot outside. Remember, crappies are cold blooded. The outside environment regulates their body heat. This means that they don’t have an internal cooling system like we do. They will be easier to catch when things cool down at night when there is more oxygen in the water.
Now I am going to recommend something that could be a bit uncomfortable. Bring incandescent lights that can clip on to railing or the side of your boat. Angle the lights so they reflect off the surface of the water. The light and the heat will attract thousands of bugs, and you guessed it bait fish! Make sure you bring plenty of insect repellent you will need it. The little fish swarming in your area are called the "bait ball" Fish the area outside area of the "bait ball" where there is less competition for your bait. If live minnows don't work use a jig, it will stand out.

Sink your underwater fishing light source directly in the center of the Illumination area. Underwater fishing lights are not a catch all for night fishing. You still need to do your research about being at the right place to catch your limit of crappie, but with the addition of underwater lighting you will increase your crappie catch dramatically .
One of the main reasons underwater fishing lighting works so well to catch crappie is because crappie have a distinct advantage over the "food chain" at night. The "food chain" is attracted by the underwater fishing lights but they cannot react quickly enough to escape the game fish.

Crappie have a distinct advantage at night ,because most of them can detect color at night. This creates a distinct advantage for the game fish over the food chain because not only can they detect change in light intensity but also color contrast. It has been known for sometime that fish , shrimp, and insects are attracted to light at night , but you probably are asking yourself what color is best at night? The answer to this question is the color blue or green because they attract both the food chain and the crappie.
There is commercial underwater lighting that get there power source from a land based systems, but these systems are used primarily by shoreline landowners and will not be discussed here . When looking for a quality underwater fishing light look for the following properties in order, 1)high intensity, 2)emit it's light color similar to the fishes space (blue or green), 3) powered by a portable electrical power supply, and 4) be submersible. Property number 4 is recommended because land based or boat mounted lights loose a great deal of their light energy to the reflection off the surface of the water.
Because of the power usage limitations of halogen and incandescent light sources, I recommend you narrow your search for a good portable underwater fishing light to florescent types, because there power consumption is a 10th of the power used by the other light sources. When comparing prices you need to look for the following specifications. The best florescent submersibles use 25-40watts of power , and they emit 1000 to 3000 lumen's per tube. Remember from above, intensity of the light and color are key factors in attraction both the game fish and the "food chain" so look for these key elements when comparing pricing. The best underwater fishing florescent light units both blue and green, range in cost between 160$ to 200$ and go down from there, keep in mind , in most cases the cheaper the cost the lower the quality, and further you will be from the 1000 to 3000 lumen's intensity. incandescent lights can be purchased for under 50$ The best lights will have a clip to mount the lights and the end of the wires will need to have banana clips to mount to a battery. The best place to buy them online is Cabella’s.

In conclusion, Make Sure to check the quality of a listed underwater light before you purchase, remember , cheaper is not always better when purchasing a underwater fishing light. For your next night fishing for crappie trip. Well That raps up my article GOOD LUCK ! and good fishing!

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Shannon I have the lights but no one will go. Me and charlie talked about it . I know a good spot at bay springs . If someone would just go with me. It is just not safe to go alone. SO someone needs to vol. to go with me before it gets to cold.Im ready any time. and thank you all for puting my pics. on here.


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I just got some lights and need to take the time to finish wiring of the boat. It seems like night may be the only time I could fish. I would volunteer to go with you, but most of my trips are spur of the moment and for short runs.

Btw, no problem on the pics. Glad to help.

Shannon Admin

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Give me a shout...I will be glad to go with you...I have a couple of lights also. By the way, I enjoyed talking to you at Lake Lamar Bruce today.

I've spent most of my life fishing...the rest I wasted.

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