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Crappie on the half shell

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By Ray - Posted on 03 August 2010

Well here is my favorite crappiei recipe of all time.

Crappie on the Half Shell

Filleti crappie but leave the skin and scales on.
Wash and dry fillets and brush the meat side with butter.
Sprinkle a light coat of Lemon Pepper.
Let stand and marinate for 20 min.
Put on hot Charcoal grill with wood chips. Temp 400
Make sure to place skin side down and do not turn them over.
Cook for about 15 minutes.
Best size fish is the 1.25 lb and better

I am telling you this is now my favorite way to eat crappie. Hard to admit but better than even fried.

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That recipe is a must-try, but a 1.25 lb crappiei??? Now that's what I call a Challenge! :) Your recipe looks really good and yummy! Thanks for posting it man! Wendell of Tongkat Ali

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We make alot of Crappie Cakes. If you like crab cakes, Crappie cakes, you'll love. Boil your filets in water, salt and liquid crabboil and a couple of lemons, then chill in the fridge over night. Makes your regular crab cake base and then flake the crappiei into the base like you would crab meat. YUMMMMM

Wannabe...'s picture

Better than fried? Sacrilege!!!! Heretic!!!!


Ray's picture

I know it was hard to even think it was possible man man these things are fine. Especially since I stole them out of your lake.


danny malone's picture

Ray, i was all excited about new recipe untill bottom "best size 1.25# or better" man you know how to hurt a guy!! Maybe i can try this in fall lol.

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Maybe I can lay three of mine real close together... you know, to get to 1.25#. :)

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