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Crappie Harvest

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By stlouisloui - Posted on 22 March 2010

Man, it seems that the photos that I see on the fishing report pages shows folks harvesting way too many fish. I understand that the state puts limits that we all must live by, but isn't 10 or so good for the family fry? If we all just keep what we can use, and no more, there will be more for tomorrow. The USA used to be about "conserve the resource". But, now it seems to be me, me, me and now, now, now. And, to the heck with the rest of ya. I hope every one enjoys their "free" health care, cause when we're outta fish to eat, you're gonna need it. Sorry for the rant, but I am personally worried about our future. And, if you get an email titled "naked photos of Nancy Pelosi" don't open it! There may actually be a naked photo of Nancy Pelosi!

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Hey Stlouisloui thanks for joining the site and contributing to the content. What you say has often concerned me as well but the fisheries people I have talked to say their studies, in my area, reveal we actually have a very healthy crappiei population today. I have my own crappie conservation practice that I got from my dad and now I am passing on to Tyler. I only keep the fish I can use fresh with a few I can give away from time to time so it is normally 12 crappie a trip for me. Better than that I release all "big" crappie. On Columbus I release any crappie over 1.5 pounds on Grenada 2 pounds. I really had a hard time with this concept the first time I released a big crappie but when she swam away I was hooked. I am not trying to convert anyone to this practice or say I know more than the fisheries folks about crappie conservation but if you want to feel good about yourself turn loose a few of them big crappie. If you want to feel great about yourself, teach your son to do the same.


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