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Crappie nibble discussion. Your thoughts?

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By jdd5454 - Posted on 27 January 2011

I started nit picking my gear a while back. I have always fished chart crappiei nibbles and loved them. I did realize how ever that maybe I'm only taking advantage of scent aspect since I almost always fish a glow chart tube. I have since bought some of the silver sparkel (platnium) nibbles and think it makes more sense by adding contrast and leaves realistic minnow scales in the water. Whatcha think, is it worth consideration? Or just put on a nibble of any color and fish?

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I've seen the day where it didn't seem to matter if you had one on or not and I've seen the day where if you didn't you could forget about getting bit. I fish 'em a lot more than I don't because of that. A good way to "toughen" them up a little is to shake some out and let them sit out for a bit, I don't recommend in the direct sunlight though because then they go too far the other way and are hard to get to stay on the hook.
The color I do not think matter as much as the scent but if the color gives you more confidence in the bait it will help. I like the platinum sparkle ones best.


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