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"Crappie Nibbles"

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By Beau Butler - Posted on 07 June 2010

Ok, just started using these and they are addictive. however, using them is like parking your boat under a mulberry tree when in fruit. Seems like once they dry on your boat, they become a permanant fixture. What takes them off other than a ton of elbow grease?

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Beau I forgot to mention that little detail when I was telling you to try the nibbles. I have not found a good way to clean them up from carpet but I went with a vinyl floor in my new boat and do not have the problem any more. Another thing you will want to pay attention to. Keep the nibbles in a the shade when possible. If the jar gets real hot a couple of times you will open it and find just one real big nibble. Oh and here is another tip. Take a few out ahead of time while fishing and let them bake in the sun a little while. They get more firm and stay on the hook much better.


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I usually lay some out ahead of time to firm them up and that works fine. However, when you catch a fish they get thrown all over the boat and then stepped on and of course they are wet and soft and make a big yellow splat. I have a non-skid spray in liner in my boat, a pretty rough surface and those little critters are really hard to clean off. I suggested to my wife she might could clean them up with a tooth brush and decided that wasn't a good idea.
I will say that without a doubt, they work.

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