Crappie report : Big Sandy area

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By Coach OB - Posted on 21 February 2011

Friday, me and buddy caught 25 keepers in 12 to 14 ft. water in west sandy. We were using minnows and the fish were right in the middle of the brush. In fact, a lot of the time one pole would get hung up and the other pole would catch a fish. We started at 11 oclock and caught 13 by noon. Then the wind blew and shifted directions which seemed to shut the fish down a bit. Then in the last hour and a half we caught 12 more on the same brush that we caught the 13 on.
On sunday morning 4 of my buddies went and caught 47 by noon in the same area, but Im not sure on the details except they were slow trolling with minnows. I was at church praying for them.
Hope to be back in a week or two.

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Hey Coach OB thanks for the report and nice to see you on the site.


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