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Crappie On Shad

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By Beau Butler - Posted on 15 August 2010

Kim and I were on the lake by 6:30 and found the crappiei pretty quick in about 14' water working on the shad in the stumps. Caught 114 but had decided before hand that we would only keep 1 limit. It was hot but the crappie were more than willing. Only thing we could get them to hit was a little 1/16 th oz pink and white head with a tiny little white tube jig . We caught some really nice fish but it sure got hot. Did have a chance to visit with my good friends Mich and Jason on the lake. They were smart enough to bring their umbrella. Always a pleasure to see them on the lake.

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You shouldn't have told me how many fish you caught. I am going to put a gps tracker on your boat and every time you are on the lake I am going to follow you around. But that may not help me. I may just need to know how to wiggle my jig. I hope to see you guys this weekend. Me and Mich only came in with 33 keepers.

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Jason, One of these days we are going to sneak off from the girls and show them what a couple of hard nosed crappiei guides can do without having to unhang the stump hogs all the time. Either that or we will tell them we were actually bass fishing and happen to catch a few crappie.

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Jason is that you and Mich under that umbrella ? Woods

Jason Taylor's picture

That's me. I like the shade.

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Beau, you are going to have to give me lessons, i fished friday and caught 4 keepers but did catch and release a bunch of short fish you and Ms Kim catch 114 fish i fish in 114 degree weather!!! Save a few, danny.

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Kim like to have got too hot. Course, she was catching most of the fish. What a stump hog!

danny malone's picture

Beau, in the picture it looks like Michelle is holding umbrella for Jason, now if she can clean and cook the fish he has it made!!

Beau Butler's picture

Danny, if you will look real close at the picture, you will see Mich is not holding the umbrella, she's actually got Jason by the arm and holding him back. I think she saw Kim "stump hogging" and decided that was the way to go.

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If she held the umbrella I wouldn't bring in near as many fish. She usually catches most of the fish so I have to keep her fishing.

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Like I keep telling Kim, her and Mich have a lot better guides than Jason and I.

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