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Crappie Supplies for Dummies

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By BigWorm91 - Posted on 16 May 2008

Can anyone post a list of supplies for beginners, everything one may need to go crappie fishingi?

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I just have one more piece of advice. Knowing what I know today, if I were going to pick up crappie fishingi, I would hire a guide and go on a day trip on the lake I was most interested in. It is hard to imagine how much you can learn in one day with a guide.


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Is that an offer? HAHA!

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I agree with Charlie and would just like to add that when it comes to jigs there are millions available and most avid crappiei fishermen have thousands in the tackle box but in reality I think that for less than $20.00 you could get all the jigs you could fish with in a year. With that said what would I buy with my $20.00? I would start with small 6 packs of jigs heads in both 1/16 and 1/8 ounce size in colors orange, blue, pink and green, which should cost less than $15.00 total. Then a few skirts 1.5 inch and I like the shredded tail kind. The colors I would spend my last $5.00 on would be one 10 pack each of, chartreuse with black head, white with blue head, white with pink head and one pack of 1.5 inch sassy shads. Well that is what I would buy but I would love to hear from others what the first jigs they would purchase would be.


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There are numerous ways to crappiei fish, I prefer hand pole, or vertical fishing with one pole. This is a basic list for starters.
*A 10 or 11 ft crappie pole. I use 10 ft Crappie Hunter pole and a 10 ft Tony Edgar pole. These poles are in the 30 to 40 dollar range.
*I also use a Crappie Hunter reel on these poles.
*I prefer 6lb flora-carbon line
*You need an assortment box of jig heads and tails. One place to get these is Grizzly Jigi Company, at, they will also send you a catalog.

Honey Hole Guide Service

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sounds like you have a pretty good list of supplies. i suppose you will be fishing from a boat. but gust in case your not. get a rod and reel. fish a jig or minnow under a cork. you would be surprised how many fish i have caught fishing from the bank or wading. woods

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