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Deep Cycle Battery for my Cranking Battery

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By Anonymous - Posted on 21 May 2010

I am wondering is there is any problem with me using my trolling motor deep cycle batteries as my cranking battery? I was thinking I could shed some weight by going with one less battery.

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It will not hurt a deep cycle battery to be used as a starting battery, but for the same size battery they cannot supply as much cranking amps as a regular starting battery. New motors do not require the cranking amps the older ones did but as a rule you would need to up size the deep cycle battery to achieve the same cranking amps.

So even though it would work it has draw backs.
(1) Not a good idea to run your electronics on the same battery as your trolling motor because of interference.
(2) If you up size you trolling batteries to get the cranking amps you will shed very little weight.
(3) When you buy the group 30 batteries the cost will be higher than the separate cranking battery and group 27 batteries.
(4) You are a lot less likely to get stranded with the extra cranking battery.
That is my view and other may have other ideas.


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