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Does Line really matter when crappie fishing?

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By dmount - Posted on 26 January 2011

Do you guys/girls find yourself catching more fish by using a certian line? I'm using 8lb mono and doing ok with it, but ok is not good enough, I've read alot about camo line red line green line, heck i think they even make a red white and blue line!! Fluorocarbons, Monoi's Braids and yes even hybrids. I'm just looking to help out my catch and advice is a great thing. thanks yet again

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First yes I absolutely think line choice makes a difference in the number of fish I catch... (At times)
In other words the fishing conditions really determine how important the fishing line is.
Example: Hand poling in clear lakes I have seen a 4lb Fluorocarbon our perform Monoi and braid by a long shot.
Now in muddy water at Grenada I will go to a 6lb braid just for strength.
Pulling cranks I like a good 12lb mono.
Slow trolling I like a 10 lb mono with double hook rigs tied with 6lb fluorocarbon.
I guess in the end I lean toward the safe side and chose a line with the least visibility usually 6lb Berkley Vanish but I hate a cheap line with memory so I avoid those at all cost. I like the fluorocarbons for their strength as well. I have broke off very few crappiei after I switched and I do not have to re-tie nearly as often.


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dmount, you might use the "search" box and then type line then look at an old post from Ray and maybee other opionions, danny.

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