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Driftmaster gunslinger rod holders?

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By Anonymous - Posted on 12 May 2010

Anyone ever used these? I'm finally going to get into the whole "spyder rigging" thing. I grew up Jiggin for specs in south FL but it doesn't seem to work as well up here in north FL. so anyway, i just don't know if i should go with the regular rod holders or the gun slingers. I will mainly troll hal flys but i would also like to tight line fish with i want a rod holder that i can do both.

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John henry, I forgot to add that if you spider rig, council yourself on how many rods you want in the action. You see pictures of 8 rods in action, but in my experience, that is way to many. You get into a big school of crappiei with a bunch of rods and you can have disaster in a hurry. The same if you hang one up on a brush pile while slow trolling. I use 2 T-250's with 2 rods on each until I locate fish, then I go to 2 rods total. I have 2 gunslingers mounted on each T-250.
Good Luck!

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Beau that is a great point. I often only have 2 or 3 poles in the rack when not tournament fishing. If I am fishing for fun keeping it down to fewer poles makes it much more enjoyable.


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I also have two sets of the "gun slingers" mounted on the T-250
system. Driftmaster is the only way to go. Also, they (being the wonderful guys at Driftmaster)will tell you that you can actually get them at cheaper than anywhere else.
I use mine for everything from spider rigging to fishing straight down and also side trolling. I have bases set all over my boat so it's simple to move a stand where and when you need it.
Once you get use to the technique of just picking the rod up, which takes a few minutes, you will wonder how you ever fished without them. Don't worry about a fish jerking it out of the holder, it won't happen. You can adjust them to every angle you can imagine. Life is great.

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Life is great with Driftmaster.

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Hey johnhenry. I have 2 sets and I can tell you they are well built and easy to install. Getting the rod out of the holder is quick and these racks are sturdy.
The Driftmaster rod holders get 2 thumbs up from me.


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