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Early season crappie

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By Quinteman - Posted on 20 February 2011

So I'm finally trying to get serious about crappie fishingi which can be difficult up here in PA. You guys have some great lakes to fish. So my question is with winter ending and spring here soon, how do I go about targeting crappiei. The lakes I fish are deep..40-50+ ft with long brush lined coves that enter into shallow bays. Water clarity is murky. I want to start as soon as the ice gets off the lakes..probably early to mid March. I have good electronics on my boat..not side imaging..yet. Any tips..thanks!!

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I live in Kansas. Our lakes did not feeze over this year, we have been catching the crappiei out in the lake on the drop offs and they have been bunched up tight, all over the lake on the drop offs. Now as we approach spawn they have disappeared. Surface temps are 49 out on the lake and 51 in the coves. I can't find or catch anything. What do I do. Dont seem to be on the brush piles either.

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