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Everett's Lake (Dyer County Tennessee) Brian Ramm & John Woods

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By Woods - Posted on 16 December 2010

Brian Ramm and I fished one of our local lakes today for a few hours. Everetts Lake which is a chute off the Miss. River. We only caught 11 keeper crappiei. The bite was so light we didn't know we had a bite most of the time we would just jig our line and there would be a crappie just holding on. We were hand poleing by the way. Water temp was about 35 degrees and we were fishing about 17 feet deep. May go back Friday to see if we can do better. Woods

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It was nice of you to let Brain hold the fish that you caught. He is making this a habit.

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PCC, Brian caught one fish that weighed about 15 lbs. It was one of those jumping carp. It was swimming around on the surface. I should have took a picture of that and posted it.

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john looks like you boys could use some pie

ronnie scroggins

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Did any skier's bother you? LMAO

FISH ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simpson Jigs
Phillips 66
Oxygenator/U2 Pro Formula

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Any of those jumping carp about knock you out of the boat? Good catch on a cold day guys!

T. Todd

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Nice Crappie, looks like it was very cold.

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Excellent! Glad to see you're leaving MY fish alone for a change! See ya soon bud!

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Where are your fish. I'll help you catch them.

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