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Family Fishin Vacation

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By Wolfs Rip n Lips - Posted on 22 October 2009

Going on a family fishin outing with the 2 sons and daughter on the third weekend of February (19, 20 & 21). Stopping first at Lake Murval at a high school bud's house on the water for some bassin action. He's lived there for 20 yrs. and says he can put us on some decent bass from some of his favorite honey holes.
Next stop we're headed to Caddo Lake. Never fished there but heard it has some beautiful scenery and really great fishing. Already got a plan on the pre-spawn bassin from the Murval classmate, fish anywhere thats got hydrilla and cypress trees (that covers mostly everywhere). He's not much of a Sac-a-lait/Crappie/White Perch enthusiest. He said "just ask for help from some of the locals, ol timers or young bucks. Maybe they could put you on a few locations to drown a few shiners on corks or jig some brush piles. Ya'll ain't got to give up your favorite honey holes (unless you want to pm me @, just get us in an area that usually holds some pre-spawn fish. Heard the Johnsons area was good and Jeems Bayou. I have a Caddo Lake map to go by so I can save my outboard lower unit, so if you reply with some general areas, maybe I could convince these young-uns that perch-jerkin is more laid-back fishin and just as much fun as bassin.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, note what colors would be best for jiggin the stained water there.


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