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By tnjeff - Posted on 14 February 2009

The bite was very slow for crappiei,only caught 5,with only three being kepper.Now the little yellow belly sripe,we worn them out.

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We where catching them on roadrunners,we where longline trolling for crappiei and catching yellow belly stripes most of them were about 1lb.I talk to a friend that gave me a report for bear creek,they caugth 19 crappie this past fri 13.I don't know if the stripe are biting up around 7 mile yet.


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I thought I'd go Sunday evening and look around. The water was way down, I backed down and my trailer went off then end of the ramp and got hung up. I broke a spring on it trying to get it unstuck. I should have known to not use one of the smaller ramps. Be carefull if you get out, the water is down a lot.

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Unlucky4me thanks for the heads up. Here is what I did last time I dropped my trailer off the end of the ramp. I took a strap and dropped it down in the water from the boat (with the front attached) and hooked the trailer. Then I picked up the trailer as far as I could by hand and hooked the other end of the strap to the boat. After that I used the ratchet to pick up the trailer a little further. I was surprised how easy it was to lift the trailer. I got back in the truck and pulled up until the trailer was back on the ramp. It was a lot of work but I did not break anything like I had the time before.


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Crappie are really slow now. What are you catching the yellow bellies on?

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I wonder if you could catch any stripe up around 7 mile island yet. I'd take my boys if they were biting.

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