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finding crappie with electronics

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By spoonpluggergino - Posted on 25 June 2013

By using depth sounders like Lawrance LCX112C color graph, how do you go about to find crappiei in a new deep clear natural lake around 6000 acres with planty of flats and deep drop offs with deep weed line due to clear water, Season early summer water temps around 72 deegrese. crappie most likely allready have spawnned. I am a muskie guy so I do not know squat about crappies

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First I would like to say I am not a expert,from the post about your lake I probably would work the top of the flats but would search in the areas of the flats where deep water is handy, weed lines are nice to in these areas I like to call it summer time fishing morning time look at the top of flats close to deep water as the sun gets higher and the heat of the day gets hotter progress to deeper water in these same areas where the morning catching started the day, food source and water temps do play a part in the summer time patterns, try to not forget that crappies can and do suspend in deep water you may find some time that a controlled deep to be the key to get them to the frying pan. I started fishing for crappies with my dad in the 60's I still fish for them even today there is one thing that I am sure of they can test your patience but the one thing I would not trade is the many hours on the water fishing with dad and learning about crappies and there habits, be ready for the learning curve

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When crappiei are not relating to the bottom of the lake. The fish are staging in the middle zone of water. This happens frequently in summer, when fish get inactive.

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