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Finding Old School Fishermen

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By Nuffsaid23 - Posted on 24 February 2014

Hey y'all. I was searching around on the internet, just looking for different strategies and "tips and tricks" that others use to catch crappiei, bass and catfish and I stumbled upon a website called "Old School Fishing Secrets." I looked into it, signed up for the email and watched a video about it, but then I was shocked to find out that Mr. Eggersten was charging nearly 200 bucks for the package. Well, I would love to find out about all the "secrets" that are supposed to make you a crappie fishingi wizard and be out catching everyone but, you know what I mean.

In the website he says that he found all of these old school fishing secrets that were used and I thought, "man, that would be an awesome thing for me and my brother to do this spring while out of college except, I could talk to these guys myself and know what I'm getting before I pay them, if they have to have money to tell me. So now to the main question of this, how do you find these men? And where do you find them at? How can I get to these guys and most of all, how do I respectfully gain their knowledge and make sure they know that I'm not going to sell their info to make a profit, but that I'm going to pass it down through my family to keep it alive?

Thank you in advance for any response and until best time, fish on!
Jake Cokely

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