Fishing Report 10/1/11

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By possom20 - Posted on 03 October 2011

My dad and I were out on the Skuna river on Grenada lake Saturday (my grandfather and one of his fishing buddies were there too). We fished all day and caught a ton of fish, but only one was big enough to keep. Everything we caught was in less than 4' of water vertical jigging. I'd say we ended the day with around 60 crappiei or so (most in the 10-11" range), 6 or 7 largemouth, and one catfish I never got a good look at as he spit my jig back at me. It was a good day fishing with my Dad, but no luck on filling the freezer. My grandfather and his friend had about the same luck even though they tried trolling minnows as well as jigging. The good news is, when they bite, they're biting hard. The bad news is, they just seem to not have any size on em. I heard rumor from a coworker of a decent spot that I'm gonna give a try this week sometime. I'll keep you posted.

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Thanks for the update.


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A method of keeping fish alive after they have been caught. A string or small nylon rope is threaded through the mouth and gills of a fish and is then tied off to the boat or dock allowing the fish to remain overboard in the water but preventing them from swimming away. With the advent of livewells and other more modern methods of keeping fish, stringers have become nearly obsolete, but can still be quite handy when fishing from the bank of a pond. The term 'stringer' is also used by anglers to indicate the size of their catch for the day (10-pound stringer = 10 pounds of fish).

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