Friday the 13th Unlucky?

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By katfish76 - Posted on 17 February 2009

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Not to unlucky for me. I fished Thursday afternoon for a few hours and found some fish right before dark. Went back Friday morning and and ended up with about 20 solid keepers. Don't know how many 9 1/2" we threw back. Most all keepers were good solid fish. Too bad the weather turned on Saturday and the winds came from the north. I had a friend sink his Polarcraft trying to cross the channel in a 20 mph North wind on Saturday. I seen on here where biggame said the water was muddy. It was muddy on the East side of the channel but I found the west side of the river to be perfectly clear. All fish were caught in 8' of water on bass assasin's fished over manmade stake beds. The cooler temps will probably send them back out to about to about 12'-15'. Lots of fish were full of eggs with some being pretty bloody. If we get two or three days of warmer weather the fish should turn back on. Look for that 55 degree water as the fish will start to spawn then. Don't let the shallow water fool you we caught some fish in 3' to 4'. The trees are starting to bud and that's usually a sign that spring is on its way. Sorry for the late report but my computer has been down for a few days. Good luck.

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If you ask Ray, I'm more unlucky than Friday the 13th! :)

Shannon Admin

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Katfish76. Let me just say this may be the best post I have seen on the site yet. Great pictures plenty of detail in the report and it never hurts to include a couple of cute kids in the picture. Thanks for a great report.


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Thanks Ray. Unfortunately they didn't get to fish with me but they did help me clean them and for sure eat them. I will keep the reports coming. It helps guys that don't get to fish as much as we do when they can get on here and at least get a feel before they strike out. When the weather starts breaking I will fish 4-5 days a week thru the end of May and will gladly post what I know.

Chris "Katfish" Johnson
Professional Fishing & Duck Hunting Guide
Tn River Guide Service

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I wish I could have gotten there early but I had to work. I was fishing the east side in Big Richland bay. Went back on the 17th and the fish had moved back out to deeper water, the wind was picking up along with the rain so we went back in. I would like to see another week with the temps in the sixtys. What bait were you using?

Where are the fish?

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Bass Assasins. 1.5 inch shads in the electric chicken color. Check out their site

Chris "Katfish" Johnson
Professional Fishing & Duck Hunting Guide
Tn River Guide Service

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