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Garmin GPS 76 to get back on top of a marked fishing spot

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By Anonymous - Posted on 29 September 2010

I am having a hard time using my handheld GPS to get back on top of a marked spot. This is not a problem when I am a long way off and moving towards it, but I struggle when I am close and moving slowly. Usually my screen just shows my boat position and then the waypoint, but no other way to know which direction the spot is from me. I tend to throw a marker bouy out but want to get away from that.

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I use a Garmin Vista HCx and it has a page with just a arrrow on it and no map that works good when you get close to a marked waypoint. I have had days when my gps just does not work as good as other days, mostly cloudy days.

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The only way a GPS can work is for it to be in motion. It receives the signal and calculates your heading based on it's last calculated position. Stinks, but that's the way it works. On my Garmin MAP76, I just keep my speed up until I get within 50 feet zooming in as I approach. At that point, I turn off the main motor and engage the tm, maintaining the same bearing...with my eyes locked on the depth finder SI and 2d sonar. I want the bottom of the triangle pass the bottom of my waypoint icon on the Garmin 76, with marker in hand, I look at the Humminbird SI and the target is usually right THERE. I toss in the marker based on which side the cover shows up on the SI unit.


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No matter what Garmin says, you're likely to experience a significant range of position errors. To see how bad it can be, turn on your 76 and put it outside on the picnic table. After an hour or so, transfer the active track to your PC with MapSource. You'll be amazed at how far your unit "wandered" while it was sitting there on the table!

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