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Garmin to Humminbird 898

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By bigred - Posted on 08 July 2010

I seen the question and answers and I have one that might be tough. Does anyone know how I can move points from my Garmin handheld GPS to my Humminbird 898? I hate the thought of riding around to all those waypoints remarking them but tthat may be the only way.

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Nope there is a better way. I actually run Garmin handhelds and Humminbird SI units and use Ozi explorer software to do my conversions. I use ozi because of the mapping features and some advanced functions. For just simple conversions here is a great online converter that will allow you to convert your waypoints to and from different formats. You can use this to convert your Garmin waypoints to GPX format, and then import them Humminbird PC. Then you can put them on your SD card and transfer to your Humminbird Unit. I think GPS Babel will also convert them directly to Humminbird Format and you can save directly to the SD card and transfer to the unit. Either way should work fine. Mess around with it and see what happens. Just make sure you back up all your files first.


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