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Grandma comes fishing May 29, 30, 1st

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By Jason Taylor - Posted on 01 June 2010

Saturday morning Mich and I took her dad out fishing and gave him a little instructions on jig fishing. We had a good morning and brought in 39 keepers. We jigged fished brush in 16 ft of water. Sunday mornging we took Me-Me (Grandma Maddox) out fishing she did really well to be 89 and have a cracked wrist. She loved the boat ride but could not manage to keep the hook out of the wood. We managed 7 fish and everyone was hot and ready to come in. Sunday evening Mich and I went out and fished the stumps hand poling jigs and brought in 66 keepers. We did not catch too many small fish maybe 20 throw backs. We caught most of the fish in 16-10 ft of water fishing close to the bottom. Towards the end we had to go pick up the newby Mich's sister Jennifer and let her practice. She did well and caught a few good fish and one she swore was three pounds but I must say more like a 1.5 pounder. You know how those women stretch the facts. We had a blast!! These were our best fish all year.

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Good Job my friend!! That is a good mess of nice fish, and that was great that you took Grandma Maddox fishing. Looks like I'll be following your boat around for awhile.

I told Kim if her and Mich and Jennifer weren't careful, we were going to put all 3 of them in the same boat and you and I were going off to do our own thing. That's when she said something about owning half the boat and something about I would still have to come home sooner or later. ( Don't know what she meant by that.)
I think the fishing is getting better.

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Thanks Beau
We may have to team up and leave the ladies behind. That way I can't get beat by a woman. I don't know if Kim will let you come back home though. Ha ha

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If you see me on the lake by myself Saturday, you know what's going on.
If the wind will cooperate, we should catch some fish this weekend. It's going to be hot though.
See ya on the lake.

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