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Grenada Lake 4-21-10 John Woods Guide Service with Sheila Kelly & Nancy Patterson

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By Woods - Posted on 22 April 2010

Guy's you had better look out. There are a couple of professional crappie fishingi ladies out there. I had the pleasure to fish with them 4-21-10 on Grenada Lake. Sheila Kelly loves to jig fish (hand pole) but I think she is ready to start slow trolling now. Nancy Patterson just loves to fish. It doesn't matter if it's catfish, bream or crappiei. These girls were up at daylight with Charles and Bennie's help and fished all day long. These women are bad on the water as you will see from the pictures of the slab crappie they caught on Grenada Lake. John Woods

crappie fishing 391.jpg
crappie fishing 390.jpg
crappie fishing 388.jpg
crappie fishing 392.jpg
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Just like Beau said if we let them women learn under your teaching skills you make it hard on us. After the trip Mich has been putin the spankin on me and then to make it worse rubbing salt in the wound. If Beau sends Kim down there then me and him can be in the same boat litterally. Those are some good fish. Keep the good pics coming.
Jason T

Woods's picture

Jason, we will put a whopping on them girls the next time you come to Miss. Woods

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John, You must really have a way at teaching the ladies how to crappiei fish. Let's see, if i remember, you had Jason and Mich out and since then, poor Jason has led the life of 2nd fiddle. Great job, and really nice fish. Since i am a novice at crappie fishingi, I guess I need to send my wife Kim out to learn from the pro. Then Jason and I will fish together and let the pro women have the other boat. LOL

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Send them on out Beau and I will try to teach them what little I know. Woods

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