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Grenada Lake Mississippi crappie fishing Report from Woods guide service

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By Woods - Posted on 06 January 2011

I got up Wednesday at the motel in Grenada and looked out the door. And sure enough the weather man was correct it was raining. I went out to unplug the charger and someone had stole all my fishing poles. Its a good thing I talked Charles Kelly & Tony Willis into leaving Sardis Lake and coming to Grenada. They loaned me some poles to fish with. We started fishing at 11:00 after the rain stopped. There was a little fog when we started but the wind laid and it really got thick. To nasty to get pictures with my cell phone. I will get some Thursday
if I can. The pineapple grilled chicken I had for supper almost made up for what started out to be a bad day. By the way I was staying at the Jameson Inn at Grenada when my poles were stolen.


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It's a shame that people could stoop so low to steal some fishing poles. Well, did you at least manage to get a few slabs?

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was considering jameson inn this spring will find new place unless they re imburse for equipment

ronnie scroggins

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John, your poles are prob long gone. Its gonna happen to everybody at some time. What kind where they,B'N'M PST's?

FISH ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simpson Jigs
Phillips 66
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John, check the pawn shops maybe can get your poles back cheap we know it wasn't a crappiei fisherman stealing poles we might "stretch the truth" but not steal and if i go to Grenada i won't stay at the Jameson Inn (unless they buy your new poles pls advise if they do so) good fishing, danny.

Woods's picture

Danny, I was told you sign a release when you check in. They would not do anything. There camera's DO NOT VIDEO. Someone has to look at the monitor all the time to see anything. Woods

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