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How to change the battery on my Humminbird WeatherSense accessory?

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By Ray - Posted on 18 February 2010

I recently had the message my batter was low on my weathersense for the humminbird depth finders I have. Here is how to change the battery.
If the low voltage message for the weather sense displays on your fish finder, you will need to change the battery. Check the battery by removing the panel on the back of the accessory and the internal gasket by placing a flat head screwdriver between the back panel and the outer edge of the case. Gently remove the printed circuit board by lifting the board (with the end that has the two yellos posts closest together) up and then gently flip it over. Take a non metal object (like a sharpened #2 pencil) to loosen the battery and push the battery out of the battery holder. Replace with a new battery and re-assemble the circuit board, gasket and housing, being careful not to interfer with any electronic components.
The gasket must be in the correct postion and the back panel fully closed to prevent leaking and maintain the moisture-resistant properties of the unit.

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