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How to check the software version on your humminbird

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By Ray - Posted on 18 February 2010

Several have asked me how they can check and see what version of software the have on their Humminbird.

There are currently two ways in which you can determine the software version of your Fishing System unit
Connect your Fishing System unit to your PC and use the “Get Unit Profile” feature of the HumminbirdPC program to display the “S/W Revision”
Follow the steps below:
Power your Fishing System unit on. This can be done while on your boat in or out of the water or with power only connected to your Fishing System unit.
While your Fishing System unit is displaying the model number, press the Menu key. Example: your Fishing System unit is displaying “Humminbird 767 Fishing System”.
The display on your Fishing System unit should change to show you four menu options: “Normal”, "Simulator”, “System Status”, and “PC Connect”. With the four way key, use the Down Arrow key to select “System Status”.
The Fishing System unit will ‘time out’ and will display the System Status View. The software version is listed under “Software Version”.

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