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How to create a crappie stake bed

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By Shannon - Posted on 13 June 2008

We currently have posted a video showing how to create a crappiei stake bed using bamboo. This is one of the various types of artificial habitat that crappie love and anglers love to find!

Click here to watch "How to create a crappie stake bed".

I hope to have a written page with still shots from the video and instructions covering the same content as the video. This will be a document to print out and use for off-line reading.

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Ok in the video he says he likes to put 50-100 stakes out, now should you make like a strip say 20-30 yards long by 5 yards wide, or break it up some into smaller beds of 50 or so? I've never put out beds before but plan on doing it this year and I was thinking the way in the video was the way to go, but I couldn't figure out how to drive them into the bottom until I saw the pvc way of doing it.

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Hey bowfish. It was me in the video and I like the stakes to be in kind of a circle. I just drop the buoy then go around it. I guage how big to make the bed by the number of stakes. 100 stakes for me makes a bed 10' x 10'. Not scientific but when I run the driver down in the water I like to bump into stakes if I move it around few inches around.


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Ok thanks, I was trying to gauge how I would go about doing something like that, a few places I have in mind will be able to accomodate beds like that, thanks for the info.

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Saw the video and it was very informative. There were a couple of good ideas. I liked the PVC stake driver.

Make It Count!!! <><

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They work great. I think the trick to using them also is having the right length pipe for the depth of water you will be driving in.

Driving in 6' water with a 10' pole tends to wear me down.

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