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How long does it take for a crappie to grow to say 10 inches.

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By 2lbcrappie - Posted on 12 May 2010

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Ray was right on with what my data suggest. However, there are many variables that can affect that. In general, data is compiled based on ideal conditions. Food sources, stocking density, and the size of a particular body of water can push growth rates in any direction.
For instance, In one of our local lakes, you will rarely catch a crappiei over 12", but you will catch a boat load of 8-10".
Counts have shown a very high stocking density on crappie, but a very low density of available bait fish, thus stunted fish, much like an over stocked farm pond.

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Judging by the Mississippi reports, a 10-inch fish would be about three years old. A 12-inch fish would be four years old and a 7-inch fish would be two years old. A fish that is one year old would be about 5 inches.


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