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How to use Two Transducers with One Humminbird Unit

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By Ray - Posted on 05 May 2010

The Transduceri Switch (TS2 W / 720012-1) allows the user to view information from two different transducers on one fishfinder by switching from one transducer to the other transducer.

One application for this product would be for the user to have the side imaging transducer mounted on the back of a boat and have a puck transducer mounted in the hull for high speed readings. The user could use the switch to read from the puck transducer when they are going at high speed and to use the side imaging transducer for trolling speeds.

Another application for the transducer switch is to allow an angler to have a transducer on the back of the boat and a transducer on the trolling motor. The switch is useed to read off of the back transducer when they sitting at the console / using the main motor or read off of the trolling motor transducer when they are using the trolling motor. The quick disconnect mount, which can be easily swiveled 360 degrees, makes this application a very effective for the budget minded angler that want sonar information from both the front and back transducers but doesn't want to buy two complete units.

The final application would be for the angler to use the transducer switch to switch between a standard down looking transducer and the wide side transducer that they has mounted on the transom of the boat. This would allow the user to gain the addition benefits of the wide side transducer, which are to look to the sides of the transducer to spot bait fish in open water or to determine bottom contours in areas such as river or creek channels.

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