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By Don Denison - Posted on 30 August 2010

I'm a new member to crappiei 101. Fish Pat Mayes and recently started fishing Hugo. Thinking about making a trip to Hugo this week. Where should a newbe start out at, the main lake or river channel?

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Don. Welcome to the site. I hope Beau seeees your question as he may be the only member really fishing Hugo right now.


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Thanks for the welcome Ray, I've been visiting this site for several months and it looks like Beau and Jason fish Hugo from time to time. The only areas of the lake I have fished is the upper end where the river feeds in. Did some spring fishing in Salt Creek area and caught some good fish but not any big numbers.Really don't know much about the main lake area are were to start fishing this time of year.

Don Denison

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Hey Don, Welcome to the site. I have been working out of town a bit here lately so have been behind on my play time.
Hugo is really low right now so be careful of the boat runs as they may not be as open as you might think. Also a lot of islands are showing up where they are not usually there. Be sure to swing VERY wide of any island you see sticking up.
The north and south boat runs are marked A-D, with A being on the far west side of the main lake, the part that is totally cleared and D on the east. C marker is the main creek channel. I haven't fished in over a week, but I would try over between C and D just in the edge of the timber. If you get over 100 yds into the timber you will lose the bite, usually.
Last week they wanted a small, 1/16th oz jig or smaller, pink head and white small tube body in about 14 ft of water, lightly suspended at around 6-7 ft.
Around the end of October, or when we get a good cold snap, start chasing them up the channel toward the bridge on 98.
Good luck, and if you see someone with a "crappiei" dog in their boat, swing wide as that dog is really mean, especially is he thinks you are a "green carp" fisherman.

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